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Potomac Brewing Company

Potomac Brewing Company

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About my homebrewery

I started homebrewing in 2008 after what I call a beer epiphany on a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  It was there where I discovered some new flavors in beer that I had never experienced before.  In college, I was just like anyone else being brought up the light lagers on the market.  But after my trip out West, I started tasting some beers from breweries like Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, MT and Laughing Dog Brewing in Sandpoint, ID.  These guys were putting out beers such as Moose Drool (American Brown ale) and Alpha Dog (IPA) and I was immediately hooked.  The flavors from the variety of beers I was tasting was nothing like I had ever tasted before and I wanted to give this beer making thing a try.


So I bought my first extract brewing kit and slowly progressed from there.  I bought more equipment and switched to all-grain brewing in 2009.  Then I bought more equipment including a kegerator for serving fresh draft beer and a chest freezer for lagering beers.  My biggest investment in the brewery was my SABCO brewhouse purchased in 2010.  This increased production from five to ten gallon batches and is all-around easier to brew with.  

I'm continually looking at new equipment and techniques so I can brew better beer.  But I'm extremely happy with the beers that come from my brewery and am looking forward to producing great beers for years to come!